Saturday, December 19, 2009


hmm...i guess m not really a blog type of person..i mean, i rarely update my 2day i wana write about something that i've been thinking for the past hours...well, what is ur definition of beauty? When i look through a few of my schoolmates profile, i see them dressed in all sorts of fancy gowns, beautiful dresses and also wear make-up..This is what i see on the outside, but when i luk deeper into their photos, i realised that not only they changed the way they luk, but also change the way they behave...going clubbing, hanging out in the night clubs may seem normal to them, they might think hanging out in all this places make them more cool and they can get along with their frens in college...or, another reason i think y they do that, though they wont admit is to get the attention of desperate i guess...well, as for me i guess beauty is pretty much what is inside a good they are inside, not outside...this kinda beauty will last long, not the wan u guys are trying to portray...i admit that nobody in this world is perfect...reali i noe that...but please think of your future until it is too late for u guys to change...m not saying that people who hang out in all this places are bad...m just saying that we are from a small town, so v can be easily tempted to do all sorts of thing..the thing is that we must have resistance to say NO to certain things...m not writing this down to hurt anyone's feelings...just feel like writing down wateva i feel...m so sorry if i hurt anyone...


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