Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i miss school

well, when I was in school like 3 years ago(damn, m old) life seem to be so much easier....the loving voice of mum waking me up...fighting for the showers with my brothers...getting ready to school at 6 a.m in the, all of it remains as mere memories...once I reach school, i would read any story books that i borrowed from the library while waiting for my friends to come.. even though we just saw each other the previous day...i duno hw v always seem to have many things to gossip about... recent updates on who couple up with who, friendship problems that use to pop out especially in the last year of schools...the whole day at school passed so fast...and in school, people were not selfish, they were caring like hell...miss those moments...i guess growing up realy make people change..n those friends i got in school were simply them...

Friday, February 5, 2010


uno hws d feeling like when u have done so many things 4 a person and they do not appreciate it?
well, that happened to me...m not saying that m perfect...but to turn ur own fault against someone else is just cowardly...craving for sympathy more or less..i may b not perfect, but i face every single problem that I created myself...not just dump in on someone else without even thinking about hurting other people's do not mean that if m not vocal enough to tell other people, u are always right...what my advice is to people out there, listen to both sides before making any conclusion...

Sunday, January 3, 2010


itz 3rd january 2010 already...i guess it's still not to late to tell what are my resolutions this year...well, here goes...
  • try my best to talk to people that i just get to noe
  • tell people off when they hurt my feelings
  • spend less
  • lose
  • fight less with him
  • stdy hard
  • b a gud student
  • improve my language skills
  • improve my looks...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bits of 2009

whoa, a whole year just passed...time moves so fast, we are not even aware of it...
so many things happened this year...overall, this year is not s
uch a good year 4 me, but i enjoyed it all d same...hmm, lets c wat happened this year...

1. Tesol High Tea
This event was organized by Tesl Upm Cohort 5. Due to the sudden change in d date, i have to make do with watever clothes i have bck at johor...The event was a success...the best thing is that i performed some sort of malay cultural dance on enjoyed it very much...we had fun taking photographs, cheering and munching away all d fud dt was placed in front of us...we also took pictures with our seniors that will be(now, already) leaving to UPM that year...

2. Hosba Valley National Language Camp
This camp unites the teslians and tesolians from ten different was fun...all the activities there...just the place was kinda inappropriate for the activities...I met many new people from so many different place...itz a nice experience for me mixing wif so many new characters...i also met my former frenz from my school..i didn't know that so many of dem are in tesl programme as well...

3. Kia Era Ehearera Night
The farewell of our seniors that was carried out by Tesol Cohort 2. I was in d decoration group...i and chia wen have lots of fun doing the backdrop...=)

4. Finals
I also sat for my finals for foundation this year...Language Description was super hard...dun't know wat m gonna score...huhu...praying for the best...Hopefully i score well in other subjects too...Social Studies, English Studies and Language Development...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

ohhh, nooo!!!!!!

holidays is coming to an end so much as complain about being bored at home, m actuali worried to death about going bck to my college this time...m starting my degree programme inanother 5 days...i really don' t know how difficult itz gonna be...heard from seniors that degree will be quite difficult compared to foundation years...hmm, hopefully i can do it...n gone again, the comfortable feeling of staying at home, where mum usually serve us whatever we request for...instead, i have to make do with whatever food i get from Cendrawasih...n i cant cum home whenever i want like certain people...the feeling of homesick is unbearable....=(

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


congratulations to my beloved brother,shashi kumar for his excellent results in PMR examination...
love ya!
u just made all of us proud...
may god bless you now and alwiz

Saturday, December 19, 2009


hmm...i guess m not really a blog type of person..i mean, i rarely update my 2day i wana write about something that i've been thinking for the past hours...well, what is ur definition of beauty? When i look through a few of my schoolmates profile, i see them dressed in all sorts of fancy gowns, beautiful dresses and also wear make-up..This is what i see on the outside, but when i luk deeper into their photos, i realised that not only they changed the way they luk, but also change the way they behave...going clubbing, hanging out in the night clubs may seem normal to them, they might think hanging out in all this places make them more cool and they can get along with their frens in college...or, another reason i think y they do that, though they wont admit is to get the attention of desperate i guess...well, as for me i guess beauty is pretty much what is inside a good they are inside, not outside...this kinda beauty will last long, not the wan u guys are trying to portray...i admit that nobody in this world is perfect...reali i noe that...but please think of your future until it is too late for u guys to change...m not saying that people who hang out in all this places are bad...m just saying that we are from a small town, so v can be easily tempted to do all sorts of thing..the thing is that we must have resistance to say NO to certain things...m not writing this down to hurt anyone's feelings...just feel like writing down wateva i feel...m so sorry if i hurt anyone...