Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i miss school

well, when I was in school like 3 years ago(damn, m old) life seem to be so much easier....the loving voice of mum waking me up...fighting for the showers with my brothers...getting ready to school at 6 a.m in the, all of it remains as mere memories...once I reach school, i would read any story books that i borrowed from the library while waiting for my friends to come.. even though we just saw each other the previous day...i duno hw v always seem to have many things to gossip about... recent updates on who couple up with who, friendship problems that use to pop out especially in the last year of schools...the whole day at school passed so fast...and in school, people were not selfish, they were caring like hell...miss those moments...i guess growing up realy make people change..n those friends i got in school were simply them...


  1. love u too theva..miss those days so much.true indeed that those days were the best.pure friendship..nothing like before..Now the world is cruel..i can see many racists..backstabbers.

  2. school years! wow...reading ur post made me miss mine too...but wel,i think v have gr8 times in skol to kip them in our memories...ul u goin bek to skol,but this a teacher :)